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April - May 2020
Additional Feature Releases
Meetings Issue & RFI Linking
Meeting organizers can now link existing BIM 360 Issues and RFIs to meeting items.
Edit Issue Pushpin Location
Users can move issue pushpins after they have been created to modify the location to be more precise.
Improved RFI Status Visibility
When viewing RFIs on the web, additional status details are now visible on the top portion of the RFI record.
Submittal Workflow Date Tracking
As submittal items move through the workflow, the system will automatically track transition dates.
Cost Management Enhancements
Cost Management users can now generate non-editable documents (PDFs) using the document generation functionality.
Data Connector Enhancements
The Data Connector preview now also includes RFI’s as an additional download, a new Power BI template for field data and users will now receive an email notification once their download is ready.
Reporting Enhancements
Within the Insight module, users can now see a new ‘Created By’ field within the Daily Log Report.
Forge Published API's
Several new public beta APIs have been published through Forge via the admin functionality including Get Project Users, Get Account Activity, and Get Project Activity. 
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