How Reality Capture Is Changing The Design And Construction Industry.

Capture the present. Form the future.

Reality capture is changing the AEC industry. By bringing projects quickly and easily into 3D environments it eliminates the need for multiple trips to the job site, providing detailed up-to-date site data that allows teams to design with confidence and greatly reduce costly rework.

Our new eBook outlines some of the key benefits of adopting digital reality capture processes:

Superior accuracy Efficiencies gained
Scanning technology uses information from hundreds of photos or scanned points within seconds of capture time, lessening opportunities for human error as the technology directly interacts with the environment
Comprehensive site scans captured in hours instead of days eliminate the need for multiple site trips, reduce project risk and minimise both time and labour requirements
Start designing in 3D More interactive process
Bringing a project into a 3D environment allows potential issues to be detected much earlier, enabling teams to design with confidence and greatly reducing costly rework Point cloud data becomes immediately usable and ready to manipulate in real time, allowing surveyors and designers to take notes, capture stakeholder feedback and measure existing site conditions

    Find out how reality capture is improving project productivity, accuracy, quality and safety.

    The eBook also offers case studies of companies already adopting the technology, demonstrating the real-world impact of digital reality capture.

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