Autodesk Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team Kickstart Guide

Make the most of your Collaboration for Revit trial with hands-on tutorials

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With 60 days to put your free Collaboration for Revit + BIM 360 Team trial through its paces, you’ll want to make the most of every opportunity to see how it can improve your project team collaboration and communication.

The Kickstart Guide walks you through the basics of setting up a project in Collaboration for Revit and getting your team together. With downloadable Revit datasets and detailed step-by-step directions, the Guide provides everything you need to explore and experience how this collaboration service can work for you. 

  • Download sample datasets
  • Reference videos demonstrating tutorials in the Guide
  • Follow tutorials designed to highlight features and functionality of both Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team
  • Reference additional product resources linked in the Guide

The Collaboration for Revit Kickstart Guide is your one-stop-shop to helping make sure you get the most from your free trial experience.

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